Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Behind the Words 5/7/2014

Hello, reader!

So, Keepers of the List is underway. Not as quickly as I would have hoped, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'm still trying to iron out a lot of the details of the world, and make sure that I can make this story as good as I can.

I've heard it said, "Writers are not people for whom writing is easy. Rather, writers are people for whom writing is incredibly difficult." True words, seriously. Writing isn't easy. At least, not for me. Sometimes I'll sit and stare at a paragraph, a sentence, a word, re-writing it a dozen times (or just sitting paralyzed) because it just doesn't feel right. Whenever I write a sentence, I have to ask several questions:

1. Does this sentence add to the story?
2. Does this sentence make sense within the paragraph?
3. If this sentence involves characters and/or dialogue, is it 100% consistent with the characters involved (at least based on what I have decided regarding the character, possibly involving factors not yet revealed to the reader)?

Another question, "Is this sentence necessary?" passes through my mind, but it's difficult to quantify "necessary". Sure, a sentence might be unnecessary in the sense that the story can be told without it, but does the paragraph still have the same feeling without it? Not always. In any case, typically if a sentence fits the first three criteria, then in my opinion it is necessary.

Anyway, that's just a bit of insight into my process.

Oh- one more thing. In January, I took Last of the King's Men off of this blog for reasons I'd still rather not get into. That being said, I have decided to (eventually) add it back, as well as continue writing it. I don't know when, and certain details will be changed, but it will return.

Happy Reading!

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